Monday, February 25, 2008


So, I didnt have any work today as my students changed to other days this week. Was sittin in the house and took some pictures of the kittens doing what they do best, making me happy. A couple nice PTP shots today.

From below.

Sleepy face.

Havin a beer.

Sleepin wherever she wants as usual.

Oh yeah, Gyoza is in heat so she is makin a racket. Yuriko has never experienced this so she has no idea whats going on and shes worried. Gyoza just wants to make some babies!! Gotta get her fixed later, there are plenty of babies out thier already I can bring home!


Yuriko said...

PTP is mine.

Madge said...

Gyoza in heat! They are so funny when they`re in heat!
Shane and Danny were stoked when Hime was in heat, she was Xtra friendly to them, rubbing herself of them....
Did it freak PTP out?