Monday, May 26, 2008


1 year ago this weekend the littlest Tini Tiny left us and to make the weekend even harder we had this next tale of horror.

So Saturday we took PTP to get her shot and check-up, she's been sneezing and had a runny nose so we wanted to get her checked out. The doctor said she would be Ok and gave her a vaccination. I didnt think anything of it as I have never heard there could be problems. That night my wife thought she felt hot but seemed ok to me, I have a terrible sense of touch which doesnt help. Next morning I woke up at 10:00 which was weird, usually PTP is punching us in the face asking for food at about 7:00 and I was worried something was up, and it was. PTP could hardly move and when I tried to touch her she cried very loud. Being the worry wart I am I started freaking out and had Yuriko call the doctor. Turns out its not rare for kittens to experience shock from the vaccination and sometimes even Anafalactic Shock which can kill. So it was a long day yesterday watching her and making sure she was breathing ok. Its was better later in the evening when she was able to move around a bit but sad when she tried to jump onto the kitty tower, she could only get ahold with her front feet, the back just didnt want to work. But this morning she was eating and later today she was able to jump a little so we are keeping and eye on her still. Shes laying here next to me now resting, PTG wants to play of course but PTP needs a couple more days I think. So gotta go, need to love the PTP and its also time to play with the PTG and remember the PTT!!!


Madge said...

Aw man, I didn`t know PTP was sick! From Vaccination??? How screwed up is that?? She is like 2 years old now, right? Not like vulnerable kitten.

Tiny, what a delicate cat. I hope she is chasing bugs and rats in heaven!

Vinyl Riot said...

Yeah, Tiny was great but so small for her age. She would sleep with me every night, I was afraid I would smash her so I barely slept for about 4 weeks but it was worth it so she could be happy.