Thursday, August 7, 2008


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Long time no post! I am going to start all my posts with that from now on, actually I have probably used it for half the posts already.

So whats happened since...........hmmmmm, when did I last post? Yeah, toooooooo long. So, we moved to Chiba in July and now the Fuzzez have a huge old house to play in, and it even has two floors! As you can see here PTP has done what she always does, find a piece of cardboard to lay down on and be cute and make us take a picture because she is toooo fuckin cute and we cant resist. Look at that fuzzy tummy, dont you just want to pet it!!! I do so I am gonna end this post and go find PTP and pet here now. Bye.


Madge said...

PTP is skinnier than I remember!

You know, you spend a lot of money on cat mats and special toys and they just want to sit in a carboard box!! Ours love sitting on egg cartons too, we have 4 of them so they have the luxury corner seat!

Vinyl Riot said...

She's a chubb, you just need to come over and see for yourself.