Thursday, January 24, 2008


Welcome to the world of my 3 mikeneko (thats calico in japanese). These 3 killer cats are the reason I get up in the morning and am happy to come home, well, my wife is a good reason too :). The 7 of us live in a small city in Tokyo, there are 2 tarantulas living here also that were orphaned, our house is small too so you will see many of the same backgrounds in the pictures here. But that's not the reason to come here, you are here to see the kittens! Thier names are PTP (abbr. for Pet the Pest), she is the oldest, next is PTG (same first words just substitute Gyoza for Pest) and last but not least is Tini Tiny, but there wont be many pictures of her, she died of liver failure at 6 weeks. The Tini was abandoned and given to us at a heavy metal show we attended last May, she was so tiny and dirty and we were worried that she might not live. Unfortunately my pessimism proved true.

I am hoping to upload new pictures everyday so if you want to see the exciting (somewhat) life of these 3 cats please come back as much as you can!!

Me and the PTP.

The Gyoza, aka. PTG.

The littlest Tini Tiny.

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