Tuesday, January 29, 2008

OK, I think I cant do this everyday but maybe a couple times a week.

Well, I started this with the best intentions but so far its a no go on everyday. I dont know if I am being lazy or I am just not inspired as my camera is bumming me out. It doesnt help that I go look at the new ones everyday and drool over that Nikon D3 that shoots 11 FPS! I need that but if you realize I only want it to take action picts of the kittens then it seems a little overboard. Oh well, maybe I will sell some more toys so I can stop wishing.

Today I have some PTG picts for you all to enjoy! Thanks for coming!!

PTG sure looked sleepy all the time when she first came here.

Here she is again helping in the kitchen.

The PTP trying to keep her in line, this usually ends up with PTP eating the paper and making a huge fucking mess.

The Queen. What is she saying? Probably, "Get that piece of shit Fuji camera out of my face".

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Yuriko said...

You know what?
Babys are helping mom all the time in the kitchen.Love.